01/04 Boards

Join or create communities about your favorite topics

Join awesome communities about your favorite topics. Follow boards about gaming, fitness, fashion, science, music and many more. No board about your favorite hobby or interest yet? No worries! Create your own public community! Discover new content, new people, and share your knowledge and experience about any topic with the world!

02/04 Channels

Follow your friends, family, co-workers, celebrities and brands

Always up to date! With the public social feed, you won’t miss a thing. Finally, a no compromise approach to a timeline where the content is purely chronologically sorted and without any annoying ads! Go deeper with a dedicated folder structure connected to your public profile; making your public profile basically a public media library!

03/04 Groups

Create groups, share media and chat with your friends and family

Create a one-on-one or general group in Linkhub and store photo’s, video’s, bookmarks or files in a shared cloud-based folder structure, make use of the high-end in app chat, comment on content and gain control. From friends to family to work or school related projects; for every case there is a Linkhub group.

04/04 Private

Organize your media, bookmarks and files in your personal folder structure

An accessible, safe and easy to use personal cloud-storage where you can store anything you want! Seamlessly transfers your media, bookmarks and files between you laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. Share from your personal storage to any other Linkhub environment with the click of a button. Start saving your favorite content with Linkhub today and organize your word!

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